Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Visiting Germany

It has been a bit quiet around here lately, but I have my excuses: I have been busy, and I have been away. A friend and I spent a week driving around the southern part of Germany "playing" tourists and snapping away with our cameras. Here are some samples: 

This is a Night Train in Wertheim.

A dog greeting a lady outside the Cathedral in Tauberbischofsheim.

An evening after the rain in Miltenberg.

A colourful pair enjoying life in Rothenburg.

 Schloss Neuschwanstein in Schwangau. Built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and copied by Walt Disney.

Friday, September 06, 2013

What to Do on a Quiet Evening in Bergen

Maybe a bit of reflection by the side of a reflection

Or a pause from the shopping

Perhaps a bit of hand-in-hand grown-up fun with the stony monument

But someone must keep the city clean

BTW - all photos were shot with a Canon 7D fitted with a Canon EF 28mm/2.8 IS lens. Post-treatment with Adobe Lightroom 5.0

Have a nice week-end!