Thursday, July 25, 2013

Staircase to Nowhere

I wonder about (at least) two things regarding this subject:

1. How do you get to that staircase at the top of a waterfall?
2. Where does that staircase lead?
One for the birds ...

PS Found at Næs Iron Works Museum outside the town of Tvedestrand in Southern Norway.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Real Veteran

During the summer the "serious" photographer takes a holiday and the child inside takes over and wants to play - for instance with locomotives. In this case it was the veteran railway Setesdalsbanen outside Kristiansand in the far south of Norway. It was initially opened in 1895 as a narrow gauge (1067mm) railway, but it ceased ordinary operation in 1962. But enthusiasts still operate part of it. And with lots of steam!

And some of it had of course to be shown in proper monochrome :-)

Nothing like well-stoked fire to get the locomotive going

But of course you need an old-fashioned ticket to enter the train. No modern apps here!

And then it is time for departure!

Have a nice Week-End and a fine summer!