Monday, August 11, 2008

Tall Ships' Races in Bergen - preliminary report 2

As this photo shows - there are lots of TALL ships in Bergen Harbour at the moment. And this is not all of them!

One of the largest vessel to take part in the arrangement is the Russian full-rigged ship "Mir", here first seen approaching Bergen harbour

It is is the third largest sailing vessel in the world, reckoned to be the fastest and is the winner of the most trophies in the "Tall ship's regattas. Below you can see her moored in Bergen.

The next one is the Canadian barque Picton Castle from Nova Scotia. This one is on a 10 month around the Atlantic tour. Today she is Bergen

I promised you one more look at the ketch "Loyal". Here she is. She is the sister ship of Roald Amundsen's Gjøa.

Not all ships you see are tall, here is a Swedish naval barge, maybe going visiting?

A Viking ship was also present, though I suspect that these guys were more interested in drinking beer that raiding the area.

Sailors come in all shapes and sizes. Personally I fell for this Polish mascot!.

That will have to be enough for today. Don't be surprised if more photos appear: Some new and som improved. You have been warned.


Lara said...

hihi, no, the snake on my blog was not real :))! great ships, hubby really liked the photos (and me too!) - he's a boat freak, you know ... :)

Petunia said...

Enda en flott rapport fra deg. Jeg ser på bildene at du ikke har vært i by'n og tatt bildene i dag. Litt av et vær det ble. Litt synd når det er et slikt arrangement. Men men.
Du har virkelig noen nydelige bilder her.

Texas Travelers said...

I am enjoying this series. Great photos and thanks for the descriptions.

Thanks for the visit,

Louise said...

Wonderful pictures! I epsecially love the one in front of the red building and the viking one. Nice commentary, too!

Michele said...

Gosh, now the ships here are fantastic! If only I could board these ships and set sail for the seas... ah, to feel the winds and the ocean spray would be such a delight!! What an adventure that would be!
These are spectacular... lovin' the Canadian barque and the Viking ship! Awesome display! You did well, my friend! =)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

These tall ships look better in bergen Harbour than when I watched them sailing out of Liverpool, from where I was I could only see the top half of the masts. Great pics love the little Polish guy, I've just come back from southern Poland and never been so far from the sea in my life.

Keep up the good work.


Marie said...

Fantastiske seglskip!
"Gallionsfiguren" på siste bilde var ein koseleg liten fyr :)

Lew said...

Great series of photos and comments! I saw the tall ships in Washington, DC about 30 years ago. It is a fantastic experience to see them up close.

detroit dog said...

Great boat shots, Rune! What exciting events!

Neva said...

I am not a sailor but these are lovely boats...I have a BIL who sails in the Chicago to Mackinaw race every year....across Lake Michigan.....sailors are a different breed!

naturglede/Randi Lind said...

Så flotte bilder av alle båtene. Det er et mektig skue med de gamle båtene. Takk for at du viser det fram til oss her inne.

Tom said...

Great to see all these... but I loved the viking touch.

Paulie said...

You got some wonderful photo memories! Great job!

Jackie said...

Fantastic photos!!