Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tall Ships' Races in Bergen - preliminary report

According to the homepage of Sail Training international,

The Tall Ships' Races are held every summer in European waters. Each year between 70 and 100 vessels from 15-20 countries, crewed by some 5-6,000 young people from over 30 countries worldwide, take part in this unique event that combines four days of activities in each port with racing or cruising-in-company between ports. During the race series the young crews get the chance to gain experience by sailing with their contemporaries from other countries while facing the physical and emotional challenges that only the ocean can provide.
This year's race started in Liverpool and the first leg was to Måløy in Norway. The ship s are now in Bergen. preparing for the second leg from Bergen to Den Helder, Netherlands.

In this post I'll just show some hastily collected pictures from the first couple of days's stay-over. I promise that I'll be back with more.

The first one shown is "The Pelican of London" approaching Bergen.

A couple of others are passing beneath the Askøy bridge.

Now we are entering the central part of the Bergen Harbour "Vågen", together with the Norwegian Ketch (Hardagerjagt) "Loyal." My favourite, for personal reasons. We will probably see more of her later.

The ships have moored. The large barque is the largest Norwegian sailing vessel, "Statsraad Lehmkuhl", of Bergen. The second one, seen from the aft, is the Swedish Naval Schooner "Falken".

As you can see - these ships are TALL!!

Do you want do join them up there? These two last photos are from the Bulgarian ship "Kalikara"

And of course - there was entertainment.

More to follow - watch this space!


Unknown said...

hallo rune

i like the pictures.
And the tall ships race come to Den Helder.
so maby i can take some picture of the ships around Texel.
great ronald

GAWO said...

Liv og røre i Bergen denne helgen. Du er rene journalisten du. :-)

Jeg var i sentrum på fredag men det var litt for tidlig til at båtene var kommet på plass, så da sier jeg takk til deg for at jeg fikk en smakebit her.

Michele said...

Rune, these are all fantastic photos! I am lovin' the ships and I definitely don't think I'd want to be way up there in the ropes! But I can imagine the view is pretty! =)
Great post, delightful photos... thoroughly enjoyed it! I look forward to more in your future posts...

Petunia said...

Så flott innlegg, Rune! Mange flotte bilder her.
Jeg har laget et innlegg i dag også med båtene, men ikke på langt nær så bra som dette. Var ikke så fornøyd med bildene mine. Hadde en "bad photo day".
Vet du hvilken vei båtene kommer til å ta nå de folater Bergen?

Louise said...

Marvelous pictures! The first and fifth are my favorites. What a fun event!

Texas Travelers said...

Great post and wonderful photographs.
I really enjoyed this. I certainly would like to sail on one of these.

Thanks for the visit my friend,

Berit T said...

Dette må ha vært en opplevelse å se disse flotte skipene komme inn fjorden og legge til kai!

Heldig du som var der!

Ha en fin helg.

raf said...

This is wonderful, Rune! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pix with us. Lucky you to be on their circuit of visits during the event. I'll be eagerly watching for more of your coverage!

Gerald (SK14) said...

What a great sight.

I saw something of them on the local TV when they were leaving Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

It all looks very special to me. Those were the days when they sailed the world.

I think your photos of them are really wonderful. Your knees must have wobbled a bit - like seeing a deer in the view finder.

ANNA-LYS said...

I Love it!!!!

Mooore please!!!!

Marie said...

Flotte bilde!
Slike skip er noko av det vakraste eg veit om!

KOSTAS said...

The splendid all photographs Rune!
Marvellous the boat with the white cloths, amazing view the big bridge!

ArneA said...

as expected
Ha en flott uke

Kerri Farley said...

Great shots!!

Katney said...

Oh! I so want to do that. But I am afraind I would fail the age requirment as I am at least three times the age of the crew members.

Barbara Martin said...

Awesome photos of the tall ships! What a great sport!!