Monday, August 04, 2008

Photography - a Bridge in time

Have you ever wanted to return to your childhood? Perhaps had a feeling of deja vue? I had that experience the other day. Some time ago I got a copy of the picture on the left from my cousin. He had taken it about 50 years ago with an (already then) old-fashioned box camera.

The little boy who proudly held the almost new-born lamb in his arms suddenly felt that he wanted to have a little trip back in time. Since Einstein's special relativity forbids the building of bridges in time, he did the second best and went in search for the stone on which he stood. That was not hard to find, nor hard to climb. A new picture was taken.

Looking at the photos side by side, it is not difficult to see that 50 years have gone by. The boy has obviously grown a bit, but so has everything in the background. The trees have become so high that it is no longer possible to see the mountains. The shed has disappeared. The lamb is obviously not there any more. However, the stone is. It is the attachments at both ends of my "Bridge in time". The photos are the span between.


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