Friday, August 01, 2008

An eclipse - and a contest

A day or two ago I discovered that a partial eclipse of the sun was going to happen in our area today. I have never tried to take a picture of one before (they do not happen every day...), so I thought: Why not try? So I got my best camera, selected a lens, repaired my broken tri-pod (with band-aid!) and tried to think of everything to protect camera, eyes and everything. I thought the whole set-up looked rather impressive:

However, the pictures were not. After having taken at least one RAW-format picture every 15min for more than two hours, this was the best I could come up with - and I show it to you after more use of Photoshop than I care to admit:

I'll put it on the account for learning. A couple of obvious things: I chose the wrong lens (a cheap, and powerful tele-zoom, but with bad coating) and I did not have a neutral filter. I suppose there were many more.

I wish myself better luck at the next eclipse - in about a hundred years if what I have seen is right.

On the positive side: Jim (James W. Moore) of Transient Light Photography (well known blogger in Sky Watch circles) is holding a naming contest for their new logo (Name the Newt). Jim is always helpful and instructive with us and I think we should help him with this. The deadline is August 15 and the prize is a special print of one of his own excellent photos.

He is himself not in the jury, but hopes that a Sky Watcher wins the price. See here for details.

I have entered, but I am not going to tell you my suggestions...


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support, Rune. THANKS!

I've been tracking the submissions from the July Newsletter's promo as a pre-publication announcement for newsletter subscribers only (currently 193, but more each week). Now, with the blog post and your efforts to promote it, as well as those of others, I can measure the difference in effectiveness.

I've got to give you a few tips about "shooting the moon" (pun intended). Eclipses ARE difficult. The moon IS difficult--it's moving a lot faster than we realize, and we see that blurriness with the shutter speed necessary for a good exposures.

In fact, I completely blew that wonderful Red Moon we had a few months back, so it happens from time to time. (I think I had one beer too many that night during the party!).

Got a lot more work to do now...see you later.

Thanks again, Jim

Barbara Martin said...

It is wonderful you tried to photograph the eclipse, and hopefully you have not injured your eyes!

The contest sounds interesting and I will be browsing more to learn the interesting things you take photos of.

Maria said...

But the eclipse photo looks very good :)

Barbara said...

At least you did get a photo, there was an eclipse of the moon here tonight and the sky is covered in thick cloud - oh well next time.

david mcmahon said...

Good luck with your entry, my friend.

VERY informative post about capturing an eclipse. It's a grgeat learning curve for us all.

Anonymous said...

Du fikk iallefall tatt bilde - og så ille er det nå ikke. Masse fint her inne - tydelig at du er kreativ:) Meldte meg inn i SWF i dag, og er himmelfasllen over alt det vakre man kan nyte i alle blogger. Fin helg til deg!

Louise said...

When I was a child my dad used to take pictures of eclipses. He used layers of black slides to cover the lens. It looked just like this. Hard to capture what it really looks like, though.

KOSTAS said...

Hi Rune
Most excellent work splendid the photograph!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

8 out of 10 for effort.

I recommend you check out my Romanian friends at Cosmopoetry