Monday, April 14, 2008

Geology must be fun

Many years ago I thought about studying physics and related subjects. For various reasons this didn't come about. Maybe if I had, I might have continued into geology. It would have been fun to combine such an interest with my hobby of photography.

Since I live in a country primarily consisting of mountains, rocks and stones of various sizes and shapes, I would never lack an interesting subject for the camera. I would then also have been able to tell you what these interesting layers are, what happened millions of years ago to make such a thing as this.

What I can tell you now isn't much beside the obvious fact that these particular structures saw the light of day when the road was cut through this piece of rock. Since the road has been made wider several times since it was made I cannot tell you precisely when this happened.

The first picture shows the cutting more or less from top to bottom, with the various layers clearly visible.

In the second one the more detailed cracks are showing. Whether it is from the making of the cutting, from the action of water and ice or from all three together, I can't tell.

The only thing I can tell is that the moss has managed to make a living on these rocks.


mrsnesbitt said...

Isn't moss fascinating stuff?

EG CameraGirl said...

These rocks are beautiful, Rune. I live in an area of sand and glacial till. Most rocks here were left here by glaciers. But about an hour north of here is the edge of the Canadian Shield, ancient rocks magnificent like the rocks in your photos.

Oswegan said...

Nice images. In college I studies geology. It was fun.

Michele said...

Ah, I am on the same thoughts as you. Again, living in the same conditions, it would be nice to pursue the same subjects as well. I did take geology in High School and loved it and said I would take more when I graduated but life took a different turn.

Very unique rock structures and the moss seems to be quite happy living there, doesn't it!?!

Anonymous said...

great textures. It amazing what nature can do!!!

Lara said...

indeed! we are actually collecting all sorts of rocks and stones. TG we have a garden now in RO too :))!

Tom said...

Hi Rune.. this ties in with my post about Mottram... where my Land Rover is in todays shot in on a road called 'Old Road'.. The name refers to it being no longer the main raod.. that road is refered to as 'The Deep Cutting' as like your road it cuts deep into the rocks... I will try to get a picture up tonight to show the 'New Road''
As for your vacationing in this area, theres plenty of beautiful places in Cheshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire.. I am luck I live within a few miles of each of these shires.., I tend to show the parts that I find interesting and towns and city's are not really on my list..

FO - 2 said...

Det visuelle holder for meg. ;)

Min eldste datter på 10 er fasinert av steiner.
En liten samler. Ikke slik som meg, som hadde med bæreposer hjem fra ferie osv. Hehe. Nei da. Søte små steiner, som hun bl.a. kjøper på Naturhistorisk Museum.
Hun har en fin liten samling.

FO - 2 said...

Og du. Du kan gjerne få kaffe i trappa mi en gang. :)
Kanskje jeg skulle invitere alle bloggere i Bergen og omegn hit, når Anemone og Marie (Heimdal) kommer på besøk her til sommeren. Samtidig har jeg full forståelse for alle som vil være anonyme. Det vet man jo aldri....
Men, det kunne vært kjekt det. :)