Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have got an award!

I have an office with a view - a corner office. It can become a bit hot when the sun is out, but of course this seldom happens. At least not today:

A bit of grey, a bit of wind, a bit of rain and an tiny, tiny bit of light.

But even a grey day at the office can become full of colour: A message on my PC told me that i had received the following from Marie:

"You made my day award"

And she really did. She is one of my "Blogger friends" who keeps an open house and one feels welcome whenever one drops by. She lives in rural Rogaland in Norway and shares the beauty of the area with us with her excellent photos.

Wards are to be shared. Since I have one Norwegian and one English Blog, I have shared the sharing, so to speak. The Norwegian part can be found here. So the international part:

My English Blog is a photoblog and for me my serious international blogging started with Sky Watch Friday - So the first award of course goes to Dot. Aided by her Mr. Linky, she keeps it all under control and it is always fun to see what her lens has found today.

My other main activity is in ABC Wednesday. It has given me more fun the latest couple of months than most other things put together. So an award goes to mrsnesbit. How she can manage all the things she is up to, and blogging too, is beyond me.

DavidMcMahon in Australia is always a pleasure to visit. In addition to writing an entertaining blog, he is also a first class photographer. When he chose my blog the other day as one of the blogs of the day it really made my day. An Award to him.

One of the photoblogs I enjoy most is Oswegan. I cannot visit his blog without learning something new. I look forward to see what he comes up with when his new lens arrives!

I have a weekness for British Columbia. Michele (Rocky Mtn. Girl) shows in her pictures a nature that could have been here. And with a sense of humour.

Drop by and say hello from me! You won't regret it.


Michele said...

Eeeps... it is a tad stormy out there today, isn't it? It's one of those days where you just want to pull up the covers over your head and call in sick for the day...

Well, I thank you kindly for the award, I have blushed 3, no... maybe 4 shades of red, while reading this post. It is an honor to receive this award and I will accept it with pride. Thank you so very much!!
Rocky Mountain Retreat

Oswegan said...

Thanks so much RuneE, I appreciate the kuddos.

Love your shot of the rain on the window, it looks alot like my office window, except there's no freeway going by.


Marie said...

Thank you very much for writing so nice about me!

"Se" you tomorrow!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey! Thanks so much RuneE! Really touched.

See ya tomorrow!

dot said...

RuneE, thank you so much! I really enjoy all of my Norwegian blogging friends and all you you have been great about participating in Sky Watch.
Love your rain picture!

Neva said...


Sharon said...

I like it. The rain on the window pane gives it an interesting quality!

Congratulations on the award!

Annie said...

I like all your honorees' blogs, RuneE. And I like yours a lot too. You deserve that award and I'll bet you receive many more.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful view you have. Either with sun or rain. I can only see... walls.

Congrats to all the others

Phoenix said...

love the rain on the window pane, trickling down in tears. beautiful photo and congratulations!