Saturday, December 15, 2007

Problems with Blogger

"Regular" visitors to my Blog can see that my usual header picture has shrunk. The picture was a panorama with the text embedded as graphics. Unfortunately, there was some misspellings that had to be corrected. When updating, Blogger would only accept a max width of less than 800 pixels, which makes my header look even more ridiculous than usual.

In Blogger help groups ("Something is broken"), others report to have come across similar problems. I have reported mine.

I ask your indulgence concerning the design of this blog for the time being. That is, until I, Blogger or somebody else find a solution.

UPDATED 16.12.07:

The strange sizing of the Header is a change made by Blogger themselves. I found this in Blogger Help Groups:

Hi all,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We've recently made this change, as
you noticed, so header images would default to the actual size of the
header. So, this in fact is desired behavior. We'd love to hear your
feedback on this change, though, so make sure to share your
thoughts. :)

- Jordan
I have seen dozens of complaints about it, and not one positive comment. There are "fixes" by members, but since all templates are different, and the fixes involves tempering with CSS, I couldn't make it work for me.



Dick said...

i don't have that problem but I have no picture in the header. I noticed they changed and rechanged things at blogspot lately. I don't know why they do it, for sure there is a reason, but it doesn't make us happy. I hope my background works.

RuneE said...

Thank you Dick. I have gone a bit further into Blogger help, and there seems to be several people with this problem. Theyseem to be largest for those with pictures in the header, but I have seen reports from others as well.

I may have to change my whole set-up.


Kalinka said...

Nice pictures you have here.

You live in Norway, last November I've decided to visit Norway was not possible, maybe next year.

Que la Luz y La Paz de Dios inunde tu casa !!
Feliz Navidad para ti.

"...But don't forget the songs
That made you cry
And the songs that saved your life
And when you're dancing and laughing
And finally living
Hear my voice in your head
And think of me kindly..."

dot said...

No header for me either mainly because I don't know how to size the pictures. Good luck!

RuneE said...

I don't think that it is only a problem of seizing the images. There are indications that the template(s) has/have been changed.

My HTML-knowledge is, I'm sorry to say, not up to the task of rectifying mine.

Annie said...

It would be nice if it could be stretched across the entire width of the page.

RuneE, come back to my blog to see what I did, as per your suggestion, with my photo today.

Isadora said...

See? This is why they say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" :) We never noticed the misspelling.

Anonymous said...

Fine bilder du har på sida di, mitt bilde på headingen har også krympa. Må ein skrive engelsk her eller greier det seg med nynorsk?

RuneE said...

Annie: Great - In my opinion you got a really good focus on the central issues of the picture(s).

Isadora: One has to learn that again and again and again and ......

Fargerike etc: Så lenge jeg kan lese det er alt OK :-). Siden begge mine foreldre var Nordhordlendinger og jeg selv bor i Fjell kommune, kan man trygt si at jeg er vant med nynorsk. Det neste er at det er mange engelsktalende lesere og da kan det av og til være lurt å "skrive på begge målføre" ;-)

Ellers er det jo også min norske blog som tar alt. Den har imidlertid en noe annen innfallsvinkel.