Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Norwegian on Crete

This log is called Visual Norway, but that does not preclude the occasional picture from elsewhere as long as it is taken by a Norwegian. In this case me, since we have recently visited the Greece island of Crete. Millions of people have been there before, but for us it was the first time (but not the last!). The palace of Knossos is of course a must, going back as it does 3 - 4000 years. It is here represented by the restored red columns and three of the large "jugs" (or pithoi) that were used for storage of every imaginable thing.

But Crete is of course more than Knossos - in this case represented by the Lighthouse at the entrance of the harbour of the town Chania and a small passage in the village of Kalives.

But what is a beautiful island without food and drink? Here is a bit of both:


Anonymous said...

Ahaa!!! This is almost a full story for Crete. beautiful set

Barbara Martin said...

An exquisite set of photos to show the beauty and history of the area.