Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bergen Museum on a Sunday

What do you do on a Sunday in Bergen during the winter? One suggestion might be to visit one of the many museums. A good place to start would be Bergen Museum, part (and the start of ) the University of Bergen. In this case it is the Natural History Collection, but there is also a Cultural History Collection that is well worth visiting. Not to mention the Museum Garden. The museum was founded in 1825 by Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie (text in Norwegian). He was one of the central persons in establishing the Norwegian Constitution in 1814, especially as President of Stortinget and leader of the Norwegian delegation that negotiated with the Swedes and saved the integrity of the Constitution. The statue in front of the museum is a representation of him. The sculpture was made by Christoffer Borch and the by Wilhelm Rasmussen.

I have been told that when this building was ereceted it was made to look like smaller copy of
the Royal Palace in Oslo on one side and Stortinget on the other.

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