Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Alvøen manor (Alvøen hovedgård)

Alvøen is an example of early Norwegian industrialization. Just outside Bergen a small community was transformed in a patrician manner typical of the period. The main facility was the Paper Mill (Alvøen papirfabrikk), established in 1797, which until quite recently made the paper for the Norwegian paper currency. The pictures show the main manor, which became a museum open to the public in 1983.

The avenue posted a couple of days ago is just in front of this manor.

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Unknown said...

You may be surprised to get a comment on a post that is almost 5 years old. When I looked at your post for today I noted that you began your blogging in January of 2006, which makes you one of the longer lasting blogs still posting excellent photographs. Which explains why I am looking through some of your older postings.

Actually I had a question about the trees in this and the previous post. We seldom see trees so severely cropped in the USA. I am curious to know what kind of tree these are and what they look like when in full foliage. A good deal of trouble has gone into shaping them in this way.

I do enjoy your blog.