Friday, September 29, 2006

Pictures from Bergen

Looking through my Blog I find that I haven't presented any pictures from Bergen itself for quite a while, so I 'll put that right at once by showing you these typical "tourist-pictures". The first picture shows the two carriages of the "world famous" Fløybanen meeting half-way to the top of Mount Fløyen - one of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen. The second shows the view from the top towards the old harbour called "Vågen", while the third shows the view towards the city center with the small lake called "Lille Lungegårdsvann ("smålungeren" in the local dialect") with a fountain in the middle.

Needless to say I walked both up and down.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rune! I have those tourist pictures too. I am so glad to say that I walked up and down Floyan while in Bergen. Beautiful!

RuneE said...

Thank you! Fløibanen is nice, but it can't beat walking.
The next time you come to Bergen you should try Ulriken - I have som pictures taken from the top on my homepage (the text is in Norwegian, but the pictures are international ;) ).