Saturday, August 26, 2006

Entering Bergen from the south by sea

When you come to Bergen by sea you usually come from the south. You can't see all the "famous" seven mountains from here, but at least you can see this one - Lyderhorn. For visitors to this Blog it is not unknown since it forms the background for many of my pictures of ships passing in and out of Bergen. But then it is seen from the west.

Lyderhorn has been a sailing mark for many centuries (not to say millenia) since it can be seen from far away. According to legend it was also the meeting place for the witches on midsummernight's eve. I have also been told that it originally was a volcano (some millions of years ago). I belive the latter more than the former. At least the view from the top is spectacular

BTW, in the middle you can see the entrance to Haakonsvern, Norway's main naval base.

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