Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yesterday once more

If you ever see this gang coming towards you, you had better watch out - they are no joke. No, they are not vikings, but a group of young historically interested Norwegians called Kongshirden 1260 who are re-enacting this part of the Norwegian history. In the year 1260 (after the ending of the Viking age), the Norwegian realm was at its largest under king Haakon Haakonsson. The group is focusing on both the history as such and on the fighting with real, but blunt weapons under conditions of the highest safety. Their training area is the Bergenhus castle and they have been extensively used by museums, schools and other official and private organizations, including TV.

This particular exhibition was today at Hordamuseet which each year has an iron age/mediaeval day with various very interesting demonstrations and exhibitions about this period.

The reason I know so much about it? Half my family is involved

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