Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ramform Explorer

As you have probably noticed, all kinds of ships pass beneath our terrace. This one is called "Ramform Exporer", but what it is exploring is beyond me. In Norway, when we see something like this, we always say:"It is probably something connected with oil".

Today I have a small addition: Some days ago I received a nice comment to a previuos posting. It was from a woman called Kate and I at first thought it must be from my wife, who is also called Kate. But it wasn't. It was from a young American musician who had recently visited Bergen and who seemed to have enjoyed the stay very much. I sent her another picture which she liked so much that she included it in her own Blog, with a recommendation to go and visit me here. So what else can I do than recommend everyone who passes by to visit Kate at her Blog? It is well worth the visit - a young woman telling the world how she sees it. Europeans have a tendency to think that all Americans are alike . They are not.


Anonymous said...

Tusen Takk for your kind words, Rune! Thank GOODNESS all Americans are not alike. I can't wait to travel to Norway again some day, until then, I will happily visit Norway on your website. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.
Best Wishes,
Kate Holzemer

Anonymous said...

Hello, nice picture. On 9th of August i will board this ship for my first time. I can't wait.