Sunday, March 05, 2006

"Welcome to my world"

A bit pretentious, perhaps, but since this is the first posting to my new Blog I think it is fitting. I will start with showing you a picture taken during my morning stroll. It is the car-ferry "Norrøna" leaving Bergen, Norway (in the background). The ferry is from Færøyene (Faroe Islands) and travels between the islands, Iceland, Scotland, Denmark and Norway. All the year round it crosses the North Sea, one of the most weather exposed oceans in the world.


ArneA said...

Congratulation with your new blog. I have made a reference to Visual Norway in my own global blog.
Looking forward to see a lot of beautyful pictures from all of Norway. Start traveling with your camera and may be we will see some video clips too.

RuneE said...

Thank you very much, Arne. I''l certainly try to do my best. BTW, if anybody had trouble displaying the Blog last night - so did I. After trying most tricks I could think of I reselected the same Template I had used previously and republshed. All my extra fomatting had disappeared, but I can put that back in. At least it is here.