Tuesday, June 01, 2010

T is for Treatment,Transported, and Transfixed

On a personal note: I have been well Treated for my respiratory affliction (a consequence of The medical Therapy I need after my heart Transplant some years ago). The Treatment was 1. class in every way from Top to bottom. In addition, my daily view has also changed from what will always be a fairly colourless hospital room to more saturated daily surroundings

On a more serious note: I usually do not mix politics with pictures, but Today I must. On returning home from hospital I learned that an unarmed convoy Transporting relief aid from the Free World to the blockaded Gaza area had been attacked by Israeli naval forces in international waters. Maybe Ten people were killed. The convoy was among other Things carrying such dangerous commodities as Textbooks and Teddy-bears. Hundreds of voluntary participants have been illegally arrested, among Them Three Norwegians.

I was Transfixed at This Tremendous Transgression of Transnational Treaties. I Trust That This Treatment by the Israeli government does not represent the True will of The Israeli people.

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Dina said...

Dear Rune, I wish you good health and may you always have such beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Unfortunately my fellow citizens in southern Israel have no such luxury of peace and quiet, because rockets are fired on them from the Gaza Strip.
This is why we have a maritime closure on the strip, to prevent the ruling Hamas from bringing in more rockets and even missiles and heavy weapons.
Trucks from Israel do bring food, fuel, and supplies into Gaza (after a security check) on a daily basis.

The "Freedom Flotilla" was invited to dock in our port of Ashdod and unload their 10,000 tons of cargo, mostly cement (for bunkers and smuggling tunnels?) instead of breaking the blockade. We promised to transfer it to Gaza.

They refused.

It was not a humanitarian aid convoy; it was provocation to try to break the blockade.
True, some of the folks on the five smaller ships were peace-loving but naive people who don't understand the situation and never lived under the constant threat of rockets and terrorism and kidnapping.

But the ~600 on the Mavi Marmara ship included many men full of blind hatred for Israel. They could hardly wait for the Israel Navy commandos to board their ship before they surrounded and attacked each soldier. They beat up our men with PRE-prepared clubs, iron rods, slingshots, and all kinds of things whose name I don't even know.
They stabbed one in the chest with one of many PRE-prepared knives. They threw rocks and chairs at them. One boy they threw over the deck. They grabbed pistols from the Israelis and fired.

Our crew had expected the "civil disobedience" that the "peace" activists had promised, not violence of this magnitude.
There was no choice but for us to open fire with pistols.

No one expected to, or wanted to, kill and wound anyone on the ship.
I am so sad for the violence of this day, and sad too for the death of truth in the media.

Rune, I know you are a man of integrity who seeks and appreciates the truth.
Truth has been lacking in the world media the last few days but it is now available.

I implore you to look at the videos of the attack and to see the photos of the large quantity of weapons found aboard the ship.
And then decide for yourself.

Scroll down through

The "volunteers" from the ships who agreed to disembark peacefully at Ashdod are being driven to Ben-Gurion Airport and are given a free flight back to Europe.

becky at abbeystyle said...

Uffda. These are hard Times.

I'm glad to hear your medical Treatment was done well.
Take care,

imac said...

Glad that you are well my friend.

Oh for the time when there is peace, when ev1 can breath easy.

Mike Simmons said...

Glad that you're doing better, Rune! It's interesting to read your post and Dina's comment. It's always great to read or hear the truth which is so hard to get these days.

Jayne said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend. The fact that you can make a photo of a hospital chair and telly look good is testament to your talent. :)

Dimple said...

I'm glad you are feeling better Rune.

RuneE said...

Dina: I appreciate your comments and also your kind reference about my integrity. However, it is also this integrity that made me write what I did. I have been very careful concerning politics in this blog, which is primarily a photoblog, but this time I felt there was a limit. The whole Palestinian-Israeli question is much to large to go into here, but my views are based on freely available information that has not been filtered (I know how to find information). Concerning the present situation I will only refer to the statement made by The Norwegian Foreign Minister Mr. Jonas Gahr Støre:

In a statement dated 31 May, the UN Security Council condemns the acts that led to the loss of civilian lives when Israeli naval forces boarded the convoy carrying humanitarian assistance to Gaza. The statement underscores the need for a prompt, impartial and credible investigation of the incident.

“The Security Council’s statement shows that the entire international community condemns the Israeli raid on the convoy carrying humanitarian assistance to Gaza. I welcome the Security Council’s demand for a transparent and impartial investigation of the Israeli military operation, which is something I also took up with the UN Secretary-General yesterday. It is in Israel’s interests to cooperate on such an investigation,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

BTW, Mr. Støre may be the most highly regarded Norwegian politician and diplomat, both nationally and internationality.
He carries much more weight than an intellectual, non-religious, pacifist and slightly left of centre Social democrat.

Dina said...

Dear Rune, I blame no one but ourselves for the lack of timely information yesterday. By the time Israel got information on what was really happening out to the world, the world had already condemned us, based on untruths.

I wonder if your statesmen had seen any of the following before their blanket condemnation:






The terrorists (including Al Qaida mercenaries) on the ship have won their victory. The violent mob leads the world by the nose.

I welcome an investigation. But the damage to life and limb and to Truth itself has already been done.

Rune (Bildebloggen) said...

Godt å lese at du er på bedringen og at de tar godt vare på deg Rune, fortsatt god bedring! Og som alltid fine bilder, fra det fargeløse til det virkelige vakre!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are out of the hospital. Quite the contrast between your views.

The news of the attack shocked me as well. It's a crazy mixed up world and hopefully, if the news was misreported a correction will be forthcoming.

ArneA said...

Thousand Thanks

Roger Owen Green said...

The Israeli response was TROUBLING, indeed. Can't say I fully understand, but the loss of life is TRAGIC in any case.

Glad you're feeling TERRIFIC.

Oh, your ABC Wednesday link (#18) led to ABC Wednesday...

WV: rester - what you should be, and relax.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Barbara Martin said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend and out of the hospital.

I agree on your viewpoint, RuneE. I understand the novelist, Mr. Mankell, is safe and on his way home to Norway.

Lara Neusiedler said...

the photos are wonderful - but I've said this before ;). congrats! it is great to see your work being taken into account!

Ann said...

Glad you had good treatment. Hope you are on the mends.

A New Zealand woman was arrested.