Friday, April 10, 2009

Bench of the week (2)

Last Friday I carelessly named my post Bench of the week. It was not meant as anything more than that - the picture of a bench posted that week. However, some of my commentators wondered whether I was starting a new series, a new meme or something. I was not. On the other hand, I have quite a lot of pictures of benches lying around and more are not difficult to find, so here is Bench of the week (2). Should anyone else feel the urge to do the same, they are of course welcome to do so.

This little stone bench is also from the Arboretum and Botanical Garden here in Bergen. It shows how one with simple remedies can make a useful little resting place for the weary flower-enthusiast. This whole area is criss/crossed by small trails that are often interrupted by small benches made in many different ways and of different materials.

You usually stumble in people carrying cameras.


ANNA-LYS said...

My Norwegian Friend

First and foremost;
You are never careless!
You are one of the most caring people I meet online.

Secondly; I think it is a great and creative idea to let us "jump on the bench-train" ... I will anyway ;-)

Thirdly; Upon misunderstandings and/or misinterpretations, please read my quote that opens when You are about to leave a comment on my blog .... then You will understand Your greatness, my friend!


Ivar Ivrig said...

Får ikke tresmak i rompa på denne hverfall :-)

Barbara Martin said...

Benches are an interesting look into the different ways people build them for relaxation. These photos certainly convey that. I have a couple of bench photos tucked away for a rainy day.

ANNA-LYS said...

I've published
"Bench of the Week (3)"
look what's happening
if You "click" on my pic


Jeni said...

Somehow though, you always seem to find the neatest benches.

PERBS said...

Interesting bench in natural setting! I am wondering if it is shorter than I think it is or how people can get on it to rest?

I will link it from my bench blog again because I want to rememebr it and hope others will see it also.

John said...

Flotte bilder begge to, men det siste var best.

Anne said...

Jøss, denne kunne man like ja :-) i stein, et fantastik naturmateriale.

Som du ser Rune har jeg kommet ut av "skapet" og fremstår denne dagen som meg selv, Anne.Ble i løpet av sekunder så utrolig luta lei av å være en "anemone"!!! en blomst??? jeg??? som er avblmstra for lengst og går i frøannenhver uke her :-)))
Nei, heretter kommer hilsninger fra Anne du.

En regndag i trøndelag i dag, vi hadde håpet og dro av sted tilfjæra med fiskestang og greier, men kaffen ble tatt i bilden på tur hjem. Nå krysser vi fingre for at vi får sol i morgen.

Ha en fin fin kveld, og kos deg vider du også. klem herfra.

Wenche said...

Fin benk! Den er som skapt til å sitte å dagdrøyme på:-)

RuneK said...

Kanskje litt steinhard og sitte på :) Pene bilder av en krativ benk.

boneman said...

and, that is a tunnel beneath the bench? or just a drain?

Anonymous said...

I do love this idea. perhaps this summer, I will try it! I find all the textures lovely in the setting.

Svein said...

Trengs nok noen hvileplasser i Arboretet. Stort og pent område. Må nok ta en tur opp dit en solskinnsdag etter gammelt.

ArneA said...

Bare begynn med memet du.
Vi er alltid noen som henger oss på

Michele said...

A wonderful little stone bench to rest on and that can definitely house a creature or two underneath from the elements of weather as well!

mrsnesbitt said...

Lovely, so historical!
Happy Easter.

Kate said...

Benches that appear to be part of nature are far more attractive than those of human design, in many cases although I have seen some spectacular and unusual benches in many cities.

Malyss said...

The more benches addicts we are, the best it is! Let's create the International web association of benches !
The one you show today is quiet great, also classified as wild "benches" . A "four stones" bench: let's try to find more simple!

Anne-Berit said...

Skulle vært mange flere sånne rundt om.Fine bilder!