Saturday, January 31, 2009

Strolling around the neighbourhood - a Fotosafari

Petunia hosts a rather special kind of meme: it is almost without rules. You post what you see on your way; if and when you want to and then give her a notice. She keeps the blogroll. What rules there are can be found in her sidebar - the text is in Norwegian.

My contribution (the first time on this blog) is just one of my "daily" strolls around the neighbourhood and what I might spot on the way. As I have written elsewhere - when other people walk their dogs, I walk my cameras. Since it was Saturday my wife joined in too. Here follows a few sample of what we found:

It has been a fine day, but with the temperature around zero degrees C a bit of frosty haze in the air was only to be expected.

And of course some frost on the ground.

Such a carpet of frost often changes a well known subject into something totally different.

I even got a shot of a magpie squeezed between two telephone cables. Maybe it was creating its own network.

A picture of my nearest bridge and a walkway leading to it is a must

Since we live where three fjords meet there is always something happening on at least one of them.

Or on all three of them


Petunia said...

Så flott innlegg, Rune!
Mange bra bilder her du! Og takk for reklamen på engelsk for fotosafari.
Hvilken mal er det du har da siden ikke etiketter og slikt ikke virker?

Anne-Berit said...

Her var det mye fint,liker bilder av sjø og båter jeg vet du.
God helg!

Anne-Berit said...
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GAWO said...

Dette ble kjempefin reklame for Petunia sin fine Fotosafari. Nå kommer sikkert amerikanerene strømmende. Vi gleder oss.
Du har fanget mange fine motiv på turen din. Det har vært litt av en dag. Sånt væ gleder vi oss over. Jeg har hatt dagen litt lenger inn ilandet og der var det kaldt gitt. Minus 10 over "skogen" i kveld. Nydelig!!
Ønske deg en fin kveld.

richies said...

What a great photo stroll. Wish i could have seen it in person

An Arkie's Musings

Anonymous said...

I would love to take the walk you did and see what you have posted. How lovely! In particular the tiny road meandering to the water, overseen by the bridge. My favorite shot.

Thanks for your advice to my blog about my camera purchase. I am increasing the budget as per your suggestion.

ArneA said...

shot a magpie
ingen måse heldigvis

ChrisJ said...

Working rivers are always such a hive of activity and so interesting to watch. I always wanted to live on a pilot ship --cozy, water-bourne and vital!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

What a lovely safari around your neighbourhood! Love the magpie working on his network. The photo is good and the words funny!

Katney said...

A wonderful walk!

If I walk west out my front door I see hop poles. If I go south half a mile, I see hop poles. If I go a bit further, I see more hop poles. If I go out the back, I see hop poles. Going north, I see hop poles only for about 1/4 mile--no, wait--it is almost half a mile.

You might wonder why we head for the mountains so often.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

you live in such an amazing place - i love the look of the little wooden houses sloping down to the water's edge.

i had to laugh about what you said concerning the clearing of the snow for a parking place - i never thought norwegians could be so catty - i thought it was just a mediterranean trait!!!

shame you dont drink coffee - but you can have some tea, beer, wine, or whatever drink takes your fancy in those greek coffee shops

Ida said...

Flott serie fra turen deres. Din kone lufter deg og du lufter kameraet.... ;)))
Nydelig stemning.
Vinteren er vakker når man ser den gjennom linsa di, om enn snøfattig.
Men, det er vi vant til.
Flott bilde av den "skravlebøtta". ;)

Jeg synest at du fortjener utmerkelsen "Det gror etter gode ord". Ta den med deg hit, om du VIL. Du er en gentleman i Bloggland du. Og det setter jeg pris på! :)

Ha en fin søndag.

Dick said...

I would like to walk there, great shots.

jinksy said...

Certainly the wood fronted houses on that sloping road gets my vote. The gentle sunshine which highlights them,as well as what I take to be the land across the water, gives the picture an amazing depth.

imac said...

A wonderful collection while on your cold walk, but very worth while, you got great captures.

Thanks for your visit and kind comments.

Katney said...

I had to come back and look. You are right, the magpie would be just odd enough to be an odd shot, sandwiched as he is between the lines.

Hyde DP said...

Love the magpie shot

I took a stroll yesterday afternoon and discovered less than a mile from a home some deep pools I never knew existed before - they are not marked on the map.

Malyss said...

Your 5th picture is my favorite.It has a very special atmosphere, very inviting to go strolling. But I also like the 2 and 3, because freeze is something unknown where I live, so I like to see it . And I also love the two with boats, because I love maritime life.
Well, I think I liked the whole post..!

PERBS said...

Each one was a delight to see! I found the magpie one best because it is hard to capture a shot of a bird between thsoe wires.

Reader Wil said...

This is again a very beautiful inspiring set of images of your surroundings. Great idea of Petunia.Yesterday I joined a bird watching group. We went to see water birds near the coast of Zeeland. Difficult to take photos of, though!
The swan was not dangerous for I had my bike between us. And he started grooming himself, a sign of feeling at ease.

John said...

Dette var et knippe flotte bilder.
Ser ut til at du har en fin tur.

Det er nok Topaz`en som har fått frem mye av detaljene i bilde, bl.a i brosteinen.

RuneK said...

Ser ut til at det har vært en fin tur. Flotte bilder! Takk for titten.

Er det her jeg melder meg inn i “nips- og pyntegjenstandsgruppen”? Hehe... Takk for kommentarer Rune, ble sittende å flire for meg selv etterpå.

starnitesky said...

Lots of interest where you live, thanks for sharing.