Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A new Photoblog to visit

The new blog is my own new photo-blog. The name, Visual Norway - Extended, signifies what it is meant to be - an extension of this blog, Visual Norway. This was also meant to be a pure photo-blog, but as time went by it became more of a "standard" blog than I intended. So therefore I have started a new blog as an add-on.

There will be no advertising, no memes, and awards are Thank you, but No Thank you. The photos may be whatever takes my fancy and whatever I want to learn or experiment with: Macros, Black & White, HDR, Panoramas, Series concerning a single subject, Supplements to pictures posted in Visual Norway - we'll see, because I don't quite know yet. The text will be kept at a minimum, but comments will of course always be welcome!

If you should want to have a look, it is here.


Lene said...

Hei, Rune.

Flott blogg og mange herlige bilder. Staerix og den iiiskalde "pelshatten" nedenfor her har jo jeg sansen for :)

Tar med meg linken og kommer innom igjen :)

Lew said...

Great start to the extension! I will be cheking it out on a regular basis.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Love your idea of an extension to your Visual Norway blog. I'm thinking of doing the same...or similar. I look forward to seeing what you're learning.

PERBS said...

I enjoyed yoru first post there -- now I have to get the link up on my blog so I can visit more often.