Friday, December 12, 2008

Heron on a mirror

A lonely heron looking for food in a small bay of on an almost flat fjord. Even in December there is fish to be found.


Anne-Berit said...

Får håpe han finner noe.Flott bilde!

ANNA-LYS said...

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detroit dog said...


KOSTAS said...

Marvellously photo with beautifully reflections and colours!

Ann said...

Beautiful reflections and such wonderful scenery....wonderful.

Photo Cache said...

Awesome. Gotta go , have to pick up my jaw on the floor :0

Anemone said...

*Haka til Anemone-kjærringa har ramlet ned på brystet. Hun lager trekk etter luft lyder...*

... tror det er første gang en skravvel kjærring fra trøndelagen er uten ord!!!!!!!

PERBS said...

Oops -- almost forgot to say something about the heron. Neat catch! Love the colors in that photo -- were they natural or did you add the coloring behind the heron?

Left comments on 4 others below too.

Katney said...


ChrisJ said...

Oh great photo! I am looking forward to seeing some of those fjords in May.

Torsdag said...

Hallo Rune,
I got a Gray Heron as a guest yesterday. He took a rest on top of my house before visiting my neighbours fishes (-: !!!
Beautiful shot, I was not quick enough to get my camera.
There us a new post an my blog "Using Norway", may be you are interested and like it more than an "Oslo-cam" (-; !!!
Hilser fra "Tysland" til "Vestland"

Lara said...

beautiful bird!

Barbara Martin said...

Herons are one of my favourite birds!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Wow... impressive. Such deep and rich colors add such a magical theme to your photography. I am really in awe of your talents.
Very nice!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

wonderful mirror image - you had fun with this shot, didn't you!

things are quiet in smaller towns like hania, but we still have small crowds of young boys out on the street provoking people and putting fear into their minds - this was never a problem before. i dont think the riots will end because school children have been given the go-ahead to close schools and not allow the teachers into the buildings - a clear case of anarchy, even if it is occurring in small groups...

raf said...

Stunning reflection image, Rune!