Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy birthday!

A young lady who is very close to me reaches the age of 29 (and some months...) today. We have a tradition in our family for celebrating such occasions in a low key manner. It is in
the daily hazzle, when life gets hard, it shows.

She has for long periods during the last years had to take on far more than her allotted share in the running of this family. But she is still here. I think I have all our four children with me when I say:



Dina said...

"Happy birthday" is just what I posted to, and about, my son yesterday. So now I join you in your salute to the good young lady.

Anonymous said...

So, Happy, Happy birthday!!!

Stacey Huston said...

A "low key" happy birthday from me as well.

Louise said...

Happy Birthday to said young lady! Hope it is a fabulous one for her! (Looks like it started off fabulous! Or was that the ending. I have no idea of the time difference. I just got up.)

Barbara Martin said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Very nice tribute.