Monday, July 14, 2008

This and that and Awards!

So here we are again - not absolutely normal, but at least back to normal bandwidth! Also - Photoshop et al. are much easier to use on an 19" screen than on a 15.3 one.

I must thank all of you who has passed by my blog for compassionate words, it is touching to see and feel "The global village" in practice.

A special thanks goes to Kostas of Fotoseasons and Jim of Transient Light Photography for the Awards they have given me. I am almost overwhelmed, since both of these Awards come from guys who are much better photographers that I can ever hope to be. However, it is a great inspiration and I will try to live up to the intentions implied as best I can.

Kostas has given me the Brilliante WEBlog Premio-2008 and I thank him very much for it. As far as I know he has a very great interest in bees, so I have included a picture of one I took a couple of days ago (or may it be a wasp - he will be able to tell me!) as a thank you to him.

Jim has given me The Arte y Pico Award created by an Uruguayan blog of the same name. Jim is a professional photographer who has taken an interest in my work and has given me much advice that is highly appreciated. I will recommend all who sees this to visit his blog. Just studying his photos is a great (learning) experience. Then there is his writing on the subject. He is one of the main people (maybe together with Abe Lincoln) who has pushed me towards trying RAW. Thank you very much!

It usual with such Awards to pass them on to other worthy participants. However, I think I'll have to bend the rules here a little bit. There are so many other blogs out there in Blogland who are far better than mine and who deserves them more than I do. So I will let my contribution be to all those bloggers who struggle on with great blogs and are not as lucky as I have been. These are for you.


Louise said...

Congratulations. The picture is gorgeous!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Congratulations to a great man.. with a great blog.
Sorry I'm missed out visiting Rune.. but I'm back and firing on if not all most cylinders ha!.. A bad arrhythmia attack.. left me confined to bed... much resting and a great nights sleep last night and here I am.. differant again.

Denise said...

Well Done honeybunch!

Anonymous said...

You richly deserve all these awards that I am now seeing on your blog, Rune.

I'm pleased to know that your sciatica is better enough that you're admiring the 19" monitor. If you think a 19" looks good compared to the older, smaller should see what happens with a pair of color managed 21" models LOL. I still drool every time I fire up Photoshop & Lightroom: its pure luxury. But, yeah, I remember how great the world looked when I upgraded to a 19" monitor too--enjoy!

How in the world did you break your tripod? I don't know about you, Rune, but I consider my tripods my most valuable tools. That night I did the Seeing Pittsburgh exhibit I felt naked without my triod. The lack of sharpness with those photos demonstrates that fact.

I had a good trip; now I have throw away the junk and develop the few decent images left over. I feel good, though, that I know I have at least 4 that are very good (I think). Imagine that: 1 good one a day...quite unusual, so now I wonder how long I have to go before another keeper for the portfolios.

I appreciate your words and link in the article, but you give me more honor than I am worthy of.

I like the bee photo. Those guys really work hard. There's a beautiful bokeh in that image and a spot-on focus on the critical parts when you consider the very narrow DOF--something alot of people miss doing. What lens and aperture did you use to get taht bokeh? I love playing with a photograph that way--pushing the limits of the technical aspects of photography just to see the what-if's from a creative standpoint.

As MacArther said long, long ago...I shall return.


RuneE said...

Jim: That was some comment to comment on! I'll be brief here, but send you a longer one by E-mail.

Thank you for all the "goodies", but I'm still blushing.

The photo was JPEG - not RAW and it was one of about 10 shots. I used a Sigma 17/2.8 - 70/4.5 lens; with 70mm focal length and ISO 100. The shutter speed was 1/320 (hopefully to catch fairly quiet wings) and f.stop 5.6.

It has of course been cropped quite a bit, but only a slight colour correction and some sharpening.

BTW - the lens calls itself macro with a factor of 1:2.25.

For The People said...

Very cool picture! I like the shot and Congrats! I don't know about you but I can hardly wait for Ole Tom to kick off the New SkyWatch! He is such a great guy to lead that task every week! Have a great week!

Suzi-k said...

well done on the awards, they are well deserved. And I do hope your pain eases soon, vertical and horizontal have their merits, but are a bit limiting as a way of progressing through life! :) Stunning bee pic!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Congratulations, my friend. I hope you are on the mend!! =)

Kostas said...

Congratulations for 2 beautiful awards!
I believe that they really deserve in very beautiful your blog!
I thank for the price that my becomes with the presence of this photograph.

This insect is Eristalis tenax, is a fly, known as dronefly. It is European species and it has been propagated in entire the world by the entomologists because it helps in pollination of plants.
It visits almost the all flowers of plants.
Important is that it does not have dart or sting, but has intensely yellow colours in order to it frightens his enemies, they believe that it is wasp!
Thank's again!

kjpweb said...

Congrats! And a beautiful new shot!
But I like the reflections below a lot, too! Good work! Cheers, Klaus

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say I just bought a lens like you got. Like it.

Kerri said...

Congrats on the award! Lovely shot, too!!