Sunday, March 09, 2008

Urban birds

According to Wikipedia,

Urban culture is the culture of cities. Cities all over the world, past and present, have behaviors and cultural elements that separate them from otherwise comparable rural areas.

In the US and UK, "urban" is often used as a euphemism to describe hip hop culture or subsets of black culture; being these defined groups as a type of urban tribe. Hence names for cultural artifacts like urban music could be seen as a new term for "Race music". It can also refer to the greater availability of cultural resources (such as art, theatre, events, etc) as compared to suburban or rural areas.

Since I am not very urban myself, I went looking for some representatives of this somewhat imprecisely defined culture. As you can see I found some. These are all dressed up in black & white, so they should at least fit in with the latter part of the definition and be ready for the most advanced cultural events.


Anonymous said...

I am always impressed by these creatures. And those other animals from the far north. I am hopeful this global warming will not damage them or their habitat too much.

Thanks for your visit. I do appreciate it a lot.

imac said...

Ah Penquins, lovely creatures.
Also love your Daffodill too.

Cornwall. If you are any type of Artist, as you are a photographer too, St Ives is small but beautiful place to be. We are going there in September for 2 weeks.I will do a few posts if you wish , to show you its beauty.
OR if you are a Surfer the Newquay is the place.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I love these little guys.. they do look quite dapper all dressed in their little tux.
I appreciate your comments on my blogs today.
Have a wonderful week.

Paulie said...

What a surprise to see the penguins. I was not expecting them and waited for the download to surprise me.

Alan said...

Hooray for penguins! As you can probably guess from my blog name and the photos on the side of it, we love penguins. It all started as a joke when my wife and I started dating but now we have over 200 penguins in our collection - and growing all the time - in the five years we've been married. :) Who doesn't love penguins? They're just great. :) Alas, it is hard to find live penguins in Florida... though we will see some next month at Sea World where they have a special cold unit for them, otherwise the Florida heat would kill them quickly.

Annie said...

The birds do seem to be all dressed up, ready for a wedding perhaps.

You said you didn't know who Michael Buble is. He is Canadien, in his 30's, sings the old love songs made famous in the 1940's and has captured the appreciation of the 20 and 30 years old people who are too young to remember the originals.

Kerri said...

Oh, these guys are one of my favorite creatures! They are adorable....and look to be ready for a PARTY!

Kostas said...

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Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh my they are so cute and ready for a beautiful outing in there finest suit