Saturday, March 15, 2008

Living walls

Many people think "a stone is a stone is a stone is a...". Not so. Walking more or less the same roads many times a week, one discovers that each wall, each stone in the wall, each pattern of laying them, has its own story to tell. And the story varies with the lighting, the weather, the time of year, etc etc.

Many have been carefully placed. One can imagine the hobby-mason having fun when designing his creation. Maybe he thinks: "I wonder what they make of this?".

Here are a couple of examples:

The top one is taken in the morning with the light coming in from the left, enhancing the natural contrast, and showing the fine natural pattern in both stone, concrete and moss.

In the second one, it is almost possible to hear the cry: "Hey - I'm not a square!"


imac said...

Great clear live photos, DW (Dear Wife) will love to see these.
Have a great weekend Rune.

Anonymous said...

I have seen lots of stone walls laid up and none better than those Tom ( ) published recently in his blog but these have qualities I never even thought about before. I like your photography and your comments with the pictures. Makes sense to me about the round stone—what a place to end up with a bunch of squares.

I have laid up stone walls but without cement and mine have to be relaid about every 10-15 years to keep them up as intended. I don't mind doing it but now, at my age, and with my physical condition, I don't think I will be messing with what I have. LOL

Thanks for your visits. I have finally linked your blog on mine.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Rune
Thanks for letting me know about these. I have always liked to look for things that are a bit different, and think "why is that there", and as you say sometimes it is just the case that the builder had a sense of humour. I hope to be doing a post some time soon of masons marks, what the are and who made them. I also think the dry stone walls are a great chance to take macro shots of what grows and lives on them... these on show here will be home to insects and plant life.

Catch up again soon
Have a great Weekend

Mae said...

This is nature at its it.

mrsnesbitt said...

dRY sTONE wALLS ARE FASCINATING! I particularly like those in the lake District, where neighbouring towns have different shades of colour, all depending on the local stone and slate.


Annie said...

I do see the hand of a master stone mason there.

Carletta said...

I came back to revisit from Skywatch. Love this shot. Your observations are very keen.

Paulie said...

Very interesting observation!


I linked your blog in



KOSTAS said...

Runee, Splendid post with marvellous comments and amazing photographs.
Very good your eye, and big your art you give in the Stones form without chisel, but with the lens of your machine!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Excellent! Love the sense of humor in this post. It's amazing the clarity in these... nice.

marietom said...

superbe !

Suzi-k said...

wonderful post! i SO relate to the bright coloured round stone sticking out from the crowd, I love eccentrics! There seems to be a face on the top left one of the top photo.