Friday, February 08, 2008

"Bridges Between"

This is the English name for our new theme. The rules are:

  • The first Monday in each month - starting March 3
  • Try to keep it bi-lingual
  • Try to use Mr. Linky
  • Keep our own roll-calls in the sidebar if possible
  • Everyone comments on all the other posts
  • Suggestion for English name: "Bridges between"
  • Widest possible interpretation of the name
Further comments can be found on my other Blog.


Paulie said...

You have a neat thing going -- GOOD LUCK with it! I think you are doing well to do it just one day a month.

I finally made a comment on your SWF post. It is just afternoon here in the US.

I also wanted to refer to the comment you left me:

Here, barbed wire is used by farmers to keep the cattle and horses in the pastures/yards while defining their roaming area. I remember growing up with a barbed wire fence although we lived in the city. The one in my photos is in an old part of our town around an auto repair shop. I think it is probably insurance over the top of their regular fence to discourage anyone from breaking in and tampering with the cars.

I have seen it around prison encampments also.

Sonia said...

Love your banner/header!

Hyde DP said...

1st Monday of the month sounds good.

I note that Sep 2008 and Dec 2008 - the 1st Monday is the 1st - may I suggest [if others agree] that these months the post is made on the 8th

I might decide to include my Hyde DP blog in this as well as Ackworthborn.

RuneE said...

If we make it that far ;-)...

I should not think that would be much of a problem. In any case - since this is to be a "once in the month thing", the date must be taken as an approximation and an indication.