Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Blogging with a purpose"

I have become the lucky recipient of a new Award, this time from Dick In Eye on Texel. I am very grateful for this, both because I admire his blog very much and because I do indeed feel that my blogging serves some purpose.

There are certain "rules" for this Award. The most important one is to nominate five other persons who has not had this Award before. You can read more about that here.

So In the bast Academy Award style I can say: "the nominees are:"

Gerald (Ackworth Born)
Edmund (the Explorer) Nesbitt


At the same time as I am distributing these awards, I will also distrute two other awards that I have been a little slow in pasiing on. The first one came from GAWO, A Norwegian MC-girl, and I will pass it on to five other people who have taught me a lot:

Vaggelis (Evlahos)
GMG (Blogtrotter)


I got the third Award from Michele (Rock Mtn. Girl) in Canada. I will pass it on to five other people who have a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek in their blogging :

Outhouse Capital of Canada

May they enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed their Blogs.


ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You very much indeed for both the award "tounge-in-cheek" and reminding me about that I must hurry up to give it to others.
I need my thinking hat!!!! :-D

Not to good in English I am not sure of the meaning here :-)

"tounge-in-cheek" award can mean:

1. a non-serious blogging
2. cleverly amusing in tone
3. in a subtly mocking way

It would help if I new WHY :-D


Marie said...

Tusen takk! For ei overrasking!

Eg skal lage eit innlegg ein av dei næraste dagane. Eg får ei travel veke, men du får kikke innom. Det som gjer dette vanskeleg er at det er så mange som fortener det, vanskeleg å velje. Eg har ikkje gitt den eg fek av Gawo vidare ennå heller.Men eg finn nok utav det.

Igjen; tusen,tusen takk!

Anemone said...

Thank you dear friend !!!

hugs an kisses comes here

GAWO said...

Allverdens tusen takk. Så hyggelig! Awarden tar jeg imot med stolthet..... men min engelsk strekker ikke helt til.... så jeg må tolke Awarden på min måte. Jeg kan ha fått den for at jeg "krøller" til engelsk skriving på mitt vis, men jeg kan også ha fått den for at du mener jeg har humor og et smil på lur. Jeg velger den siste varianten.
Takk skal du ha. You make may day :-)

Ackworth Born said...

Thanks for the award Dick - the thought is thoroughly appreciated. I do have mixed feelings about such awards in general though. I've posted my thanks on my Ackworth blog.

Lara said...

thank you! so nice of you! I am happy that I can show you my side of the world!

detroit dog said...

You are an award magnet!

You have just received a Blog of Excellence Award! Pick it up at my dog blog. Congratulations!

Annie said...

I have my tongue firmly planted against my cheek as I bow and accept this award, RuneE. I just have to watch out what I do with my teeth for the moment - don't want to bite the wagger (tongue) that won this award.

Thank you for the recognition and most of all for your friendship.

imac said...

Many thanks Rune for this most treasured award.Although Im a little like Gerald here, I too have mixed feelings about awards and also memes.Thankyou for thinking about me.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Thankyou for the Bodacious Award, I looked at the meaning of the word an it can mean "very cool"
I am also going to join in the bridge posts, first monday in the month sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

thank you my friend. this is a big honor for me

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I am truly honored for such a nice award. I am sorry for responding so late as illness caught me but I am almost better now... thank you so much, my friend, I am very pleased!!