Friday, December 21, 2007

A Sky Watch Friday on Venus

Venus - the Morning star (or Evening star, as the case may be).
Named after the Roman goddess of love.
The third brightest object in the sky.
Planet No. 2 from the sun.
The "twin" planet of the Earth.
Atmosphere of 96.5 % CO2.
Clouds and rain of sulphuric acid.
Surface temperature of 461 degrees C.

PS As usual, another picture to be found here.


Ida said...

Nice. I`ve been looking at Venus every morning for a week now, while drinking my morning coffee. I appreciate the weather these days! :)

Dick said...

This photo has a very nice atmosphere, bright star.
Have a nice weekend.

Sandy Carlson said...

Venus is a nice old familiar this time of year. Thanks for her bio along with the image!

Anonymous said...

this is an excellent night shot, great contrast, wonderful light. and many thanks for the info

Angie said...

Hi Runee,
An excellent shot and thanks also for the information on Venus.

Andrea said...

Beautiful and interesting post.

dot said...

A beautiful picture and interesting information also. Thanks!

Marie said...

Beautiful photo and interesting info!

Anna said...

Thank you for the information. I like Venus. I also like the warm light coming from the window.

Paulie said...

Photos are definitely educational.

Lara said...

amazing shot! the star, as well as the warm light from the house. and great info too!

Oswegan said...

Wow, that's cool to be able to see Venus like that.

Have a wonderful holiday.


HildeS. said...

Beautiful photo:)
I like the warm ligts in it.
have a nice weekend.

Annie said...

Hello RuneE, here is my wish for happy holidays for you and yours.

Thanks for the suggestion about a knitted cap. I can do that.

Salty said...

Beautiful night shot!

Your blog looks very interesting, I'll be back to have a longer look around when I have time

Thanks for visiting Country Captures

david mcmahon said...

Hi Runee,

I'm back home in Melbourne - flew in a few hours ago. Lovely combination of colours here - and I loved your Oslo harbour shot too.

Keep smiling


AVCR8TEUR said...

That is such a great composition by adding the lit window. Two lights, one closeby and the other one in the distant galaxy.

alex said...

Very nice photo. Yes I think it meant peace. Merry Christmas!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Alex's World! -

Lilli & Nevada said...

How did i miss this from last friday?
Anyway i love the view from my window to yours.