Thursday, November 22, 2007

My black period

A dramatic change in colour since yesterday. However, since this is mainly a photoblog, I feel that maybe the pictures get a better presentation this way. In any case - two yellow blogs are a bit too much.

I had hoped to get the picturtes a bit larger. I have increased the widths in the template t0 70 %, while reducing the sidebar to avoid collision. I can get the pictures larger by uploading from my homepage, but that is a bit long-winded. Any simple suggestions?

I include this picture of dawn in Norway, even though it is not Friday quite yet...


dot said...

dick helped me get my pictures the size I wanted. Let me think on it and go thru the process so I can explain. First tell me if you use picasa??

RuneE said...

Thank you! I have sent an answer by E-mail.