Saturday, November 10, 2007

The first snow

"The first snow" is one of the pictures every amateur photographer has to snap each and every winter. Here is mine for this one.


MadForEvah said...

Ooh, we're having first snow these days in Moscow. Lots of snow, actually.
As a person who is interested in Norway I found your blog really useful me. Your photos are good!

I've started my own blog about your country, so if you'd have time just look through it - maybe you'll advice me on usefull Internet resources about Norway etc.
Thank you!

RuneE said...

Nice of you to say so!

I had a quick look around your blog and also your home-page, but I must admit that I didn't understand all of it. You must be much better in Norwegian than I am in Russian! But since you can enjoy programs like "Nytt på nytt", maybe I should continue this in Norwegian?

Spesielt siden det synes som om du driver med skiskyting (biathlon) - en ikke ukjent idrett på disse kanter heller.

OK, back to English. All the large Norwegian newspapers have there own homepages named after them (Aftenposten, VG, Dagbladet,etc etc). Also, you can try It is an official site where you should be able to find all relevant official information about Norway with lots of relevant links.

Happy hunting!

PS The two cm with snow we had in these parts are now gone...