Saturday, November 24, 2007


According to Wikipedia, "A bunad is a traditional Norwegian costume, typically of rural origin". The reason for bringing up this topic today, is that our youngest daughter is about to get one. The day has been spent at a specialist shop called "Husflidstova" at Lindås north of Bergen.

Each district in Norway has it own kind of bunad. The ones in the picture are called Nordhordlandsbunad, and my daughter is having one based on the model to the right.

It is quite complicated to make these bunads. My wife is to do her bit (she has already made most of the ones for our two eldest daughters), but most of the work on this will be done by specialists.

Then, of course, there is the accompanying jewellery in silver...


dot said...

Very interesting! On what occasion do they wear them or did I miss something?

RuneE said...

These can nowadays used as formal dress, for festivities like weddings, high-class receptions - whatever.

Many young women (girls) get one as part of their Confirmation. They are not cheap, but they last for life.

If you are ever invited to a reception by the king, you can wear one like this (and many do).

Isadora said...

Actually, you know it makes perfectly logical sense, because you can wear this for the sake of tradition more than once - unlike a designer gown that you could not afford to be seen in more than once.

:) Dad, you might as well have a tall mug of mulled wine and let the ladies decide on the fabric, the jewelry and you need do nothing more than pay for it. How simple can your life be?

RuneE said...

You are quite right, of course. With the exception that we both work and have a shared economy, I was just the driver and photographer.

And expect to stay that way ;-)

Deslilas said...

Fine traditionnal dress.
Good to keep in touch with our past time.