Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bryggen, Bergen

"Bryggen i Bergen", (The wharf in Bergen) is on UNESCO's World Heritage list. Some time ago I took eleven separate pictures of these old buildings (you can see them here). Tonight I tried to make a panorama picture out of them. They are not taken from the same point, but by moving in parallel with the buildings. They had also been edited individually. Aided by first Canon's Photostich software and then subsequently by Adobe' Photoshop CS2 I managed to get the result you see here.

Not bad for a first try?


Mirabel said...

Hello! I casually saw your blog and I came back to visit you again.I love your photos, they are fantastic.
These houses are beautiful.
Sorry, my English isn't very good.I'm Spanish.
My real name is Conchi.
See you soon.

RuneE said...

Thank you very much! An amateur photographer always appreciates a bit of praise.

By the way, you can even find some pictures from Spain on the following page: Bilder fra reiser.