Sunday, August 13, 2006

The ketch "Loyal"

This weekend I had the chance to spend a little time aboard the ketch ("galleas - Hardangerjekt") "Loyal". As you can see it is a beautiful sailing vessel - in fact it is the sister ship of "Gjøa" that Roald Amundsen used to find the Nort-West Passage. It was originally built in 1877 in Rosendal in Hardanger, but has now recently been fully restored.

The pictures are all taken in Sørfjorden, a sidearm to Hardagerfjorden in Norway. The first shows the ship in the middle of the fjord, the second moored at Aga on the western side of the fjord and in the last one it is moored at Lofthus on the eastern side of the fjord.

The ship also has its own website. The text is in Norwegian, but the pictures are for everyone.

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