Monday, March 27, 2006

Bridges - again?

I could not stop myself - I had to show some more bridges. Today's picture even shows several of them. In the middle is the "New Nygårdsbro" from the mid-70's with the "Old Nygårdsbro" built around World War 1 right behind it. These bridges connect the town center of Bergen to the southern part of the city. The bridge in the upper part of the picture is called Puddefjordsbroen and is also in reality two bridges; one built in the 50s with the other one connected to it into a dual carriage-way bridge in th 90s. It is the connection from the city-center westwards. The picture is taken from the most famous of the mountains surrounding Bergen - Ulriken. If you look closely in the lower middle of the picture, you can see a helicopter preparing to land.

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